What is Google Adsense and How to make Money with it?

Google Adsense is a structure (system) that Google uses for distributing his ads through the website that you make. In other simple words, Google AdSense is a simple and easy way to monetize your website. In context to this, Google allowed us to publish their Advertisements on your website which is used by other companies like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

The picture shows you how your website looks after putting ads. These Ads does not cost you anything, but pay you everything. The simple way to understand Adsense is seeing it as a Publisher, not as an audience. As a Publisher, you can earn money by showing Ads from Google. It is free to use and works in the following ways:

Steps to use Google Adsense

1. Sign up to Google Adsense.

2. Submit your website to Google AdSense approval.

3. Then Google reviews your website that you submit. If google found your website appropriate, then it approves you as a publisher.

4. Then Google gives you a code which you can paste in your website's HTML form to display your ads on your approved website.

5. Then you have to decide where you want to put those ads.

After all this, Google will start publishing ads that relevant to your content on your website. Google put his Ads on the spaces that you selected for Ads.

Google AdSense will give you full control on your Ads. You have full control over what type of ads you want and what type of not, but be sure that you are not promoting any Negative, Dangerous or adult content. If you select content related and audience-friendly ads, it will help you to generate more money.

Be also ensure that you do not spamming or annoying audience with too many or countless ads (because you have options and control). Choose fewer ads with higher bids that have a bigger impact on the customer.

Make money with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is very simple in nature.

  • First, you have to decide which type of file you want to publish on your website.

  • Now decide where you want to put your ads. It can be on Banner, sidebar or in the middle of the post or on the toe.
  • You can select or deselect your ad type which you want to publish or not on your website from AdSense Dashboard.
  • And then, At last, you will get paid directly from Google for Impressions and Clicks on your posted ad.
So now, you can make one with AdSense by posting an ad on your website

Some Misconceptions of Adsense

Q. Is Adsense costs money?

A. Definitely No. In fact, you can make easy money with Google AdSense. And you can allow visitors if they want to post your Ads and can make money with impressions and clicks. It will beneficial for both parties (You and Advertiser) as Advertiser get its promotion and you got money.

Q. Is AdSense is Spammy?
A. No. With AdSense, you have all the control on your ads that where it will display and how many. But do not annoying audience with too many or countless ads (because you have options and control). Choose fewer ads with higher bids that have a bigger impact on the customer.

Q. What is the Best use of Google AdSense?
A. Google AdSense is the best use for making money with your website without selling anything on it. If you have traffic or an ability to drive a huge amount of traffic on your website, The AdSense is the best option.